MPD Protocol, list command


I’m the maintainer of MPD_sima an autoqueue client for MPD.

Somebody reported an issue running the client against mopidy.
The problem is mopidy is not accepting the following MPD command:

list artist musicbrainz_artistid 410c9baf-5469-44f6-9852-826524b80c61

printf 'list artist musicbrainz_artistid 410c9baf-5469-44f6-9852-826524b80c61\nclose\n' | nc localhost 6600
OK MPD 0.19.0
ACK [2@0] {list} not able to parse args

It is a valid command, replacing musicbrainz_artistid with genre is working fine with mopidy.

Should I report an issue on github ?

Yes please. Aside from the internal models, the lack of support for musicbrainz ID seems to at least be consistent throughout the code base.