"mpc prev" doesn't work when repeat is on


I’m using the current Mopidy with the mpd-interface on a Raspberry Pi 2
and as client I’m using the standard mpc program.

There are two problems:

  1. When repeat is on mpc prev doesn’t work as expected:
    It just starts the current track from the beginning but does not jump to the previous one.
    Is that a bug or a feature? (Original mpc/mpd combination changes track).

  2. mpc prev and mpc next are displaying the wrong (old, before switch) status.
    Only a following mpc status displays the real (the one switched to) track.
    (The same happens with mpc play <track number>.)

Did you every find a fix? I’m facing the same issue.

No, I didn’t find a fix.
I just built (ugly) workarounds.

But I’m no longer using Mopidy.
It doesn’t fit my needs in my current projects (too “bloated”, no offense!) and I’m using pure MPD now.

Perhaps again with another audio project, who knows…

This behaviour seems to be intentional, at least it looks like this in the mopidy source code. I raised an issue in github (https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy/issues/1694).

if You remove "self.get_repeat() or " from the line number 370 of the mopidy/mopidy/core/tracklist.py file and restart mopidy the previous track will work in repeat mode.