Changing the currently playing track does not work

Using ncmpcpp. This issue happens on both mopidy-funkwhale and mopidy-gmusic extensions.

If I have a song currently playing, pressing > to skip it or select a new one, the status will change to the new song but the old one will play from the beginning instead. This only seems to happen on continuous playback.

Could you give this fix a try?

Didn’t seem to work. Here’s a pastebin with the logs, in case it helps:

AH ok, this looks like the buffering issue. Could you give this one instead?

Awesome, seems to work perfectly. Buffering is a lot faster as well. Thank you! <3

Edit: On a second note, it seems to skip the first couple of seconds when a song ends and the next one plays. No big deal though, just letting you know

Yeh, it seems not buffering at all isn’t really a great idea. There’s an alternate fix at which would be great if you could try. It won’t be as quick to change tracks as the last one, but it should be more robust.