Mopidyctl local scan timeout for each track

Hi all,

it’s my first time setting up Mopidy. I’m running Arch Linux on a RPI 3 and mopidy runs as a service.

I configured [local] to scan my local music directory, unfortunately every track gets a timeout:

Mopidy Config:

Mopidyctl deps:
Not found:

gst-play-1.0 can play each song and gst-discoverer-1.0 also finds every song.

Any ideas? Best regards

What are the gstreamer tools using if not flump3dec or mad? Could you provide the full deps output?

Thanks for your reply, full output:

And the gst-discoverer-1.0 output for one of the failing files?

I ran those files through gst-discover

WARNING  Failed local:track:AC_DC/74_Jailbreak/AC_DC_Baby_Please_Don_t_Go.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms
WARNING  Failed local:track:AC_DC/74_Jailbreak/AC_DC_Jailbreak.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms
WARNING  Failed local:track:AC_DC/74_Jailbreak/AC_DC_Show_Business.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms
WARNING  Failed local:track:AC_DC/74_Jailbreak/AC_DC_Soul_Stripper.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms
WARNING  Failed local:track:AC_DC/74_Jailbreak/AC_DC_You_Ain_t_Got_A_Hold_On_Me.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms


I’ve set scan_timeout = 2000. It completes wihtout errors but it takes ages

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At 3000ms I’m still having some timeouts too.

I tweaked the scan_flush_threshold to 5 so that I have no memory problems when scanning a large library.