Timeout errors while making my initial scan. (Local, MPD, Service)

So Im running Mopidy as a service. After getting my config sorted I watched the output of the scan and I get this error:

WARNING Failed local:track:%C3%86GES/Above%20%26%20Down%20Below/%C3%86GES%20-%20Above%20%26%20Down%20Below%20-%2017%20-%20Halos%20%28Acoustic%29.flac: Timeout after 1000ms

Over and over again for every file. I also see this in the startup of the scan:

INFO No local library metadata cache found at /var/lib/mopidy/.local/share/mopidy/local/library.json.gz. Please run mopidy local scan to index your local music library. If you do not have a local music collection, you can disable the local backend to hide this message.**

Is this just because its the 1st run and it will create the file needed once done?

Do you have the local/scan_timeout set in the configuration file (see https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/ext/local/).

‘local/library.json.gz’ is the media library created by a local scan. This problem will be solved once the local scan finished successfully.

It is set. (config linked in my 1st post) Thats in the 1st error I get. “WARNING Failed local:track:TRACKNAME.flac: Timeout after 1000ms” And I figured the 2nd was just the lack of a DB and would be solved once built. However, every track times out.

But did you try increasing the timeout value in the config file, for example to 3000?

Yes. I don’t believe waiting is the issue. FLAC is supported correct? Im running this on a Pi2 using the official repo. Maybe I should reinstall. Seems to have helped others.

Yes FLAC is supported, it’s all I use. Did you try playing some tracks via the new Mopidy-File extension (https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/ext/file/)?

Have you ensured you have the relevant gstreamer plugin package is
installed? Running ‘mopidy deps’ will display all the gstreamer elements
mopidy it’s using. There should probably be a flac decoder listed there.
You can also try scanning one of your flac files with gstreamer debugging
enabled (see the troubleshooting section of Mopidy’s documentation) to see
what is happening.

I cant use Mopidy-Files till the DB is written. Times out. :frowning:

I assume the needed gst pkgs are installed. "flacparse and “flacdec” are shown in the output. I can play files directly with gstreamer also. “gst-launch-1.0”

I also reinstalled. Just keeps timing out. Everything was pretty stock.

Mopidy-files does not require you to scan and create a database. Gst-
launch-1.0 is the 1.0 version of gstreamer, mopidy uses version 0.10, they
are quite different.

I actually played with both. (forgot to say). HERES my config.

Any solution so far? I have the same problem…
I am starting to reach the most absolute desperation… I’m coming here from the problem of gmusic, that drove me mad, and now I can’t play the files local either :crazy_face:

Please start a new topic, this one is really old and is based on a very, very different code base.

Please also make sure you’re using mopidy-local-sqlite and provide the output of mopidy deps and mopidy config.