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Mopidy podcast URI question

I’m trying to play podcasts using mopidy. I have the spotify stream working, but since spotify podcasts aren’t supported I was trying to go the rss route. From what I gather, the podcast module is for browsing rss podcasts, but I don’t need the browsing feature for my project. I just want to play a specific episode from a specific podcast (or better yet, play the episodes in reverse chronological order). How would I go about doing this?
Thank you for your help.

You tell Mopidy-Podcast a list of podcasts, then it lets you browse and play episodes from those podcasts.

My front-end is physical buttons. I’m making a music box for my kids to use. I don’t have a screen-based UI. Currently, I assign playlists to the buttons and they play the same playlist each time. I’d like to do something similar for podcasts, but It doesn’t seem to be built for this type of use-case. I can play an individual podcast episode by using the url to the mp3 file (after searching through the xml rss file by hand to find it). I could write a scraper to build a playlist for me, but I really would rather not.
Is there a way to use mopidy podcast to build a playlist of latest episodes from the backend? I’m using python-mpd2 as my mpd client handler (unsure of correct language here).