Searching podcasts in spotify


Is it possible to listen to podcasts on spotify? I can’t find them when using the search in mopidy. I’m using the latest mopidy+mopidy-spotify(tunigo).


I don’t think that Libspotify, Spotify’s unloved and unmaintained library that mopidy-spotify uses, supports podcasts as they are a relatively recent addition to the platform.

If you can find a podcast uri through other means (e.g. from an official client or maybe from mopidy-iris or mopidy-mopify?) then you could try and play it directly in mopidy-spotify, I have no idea if that works.

We would like to add support for features like this. We can access the search etc through Spotify’s other Web API and if it turns out libspotify can play them then someone could implement that.


So i went and tried this and libspotify couldn’t deal with the podcasts. So, while we could support searching for them (through the Web API), we cannot play them until Spotify get off their hands and provide a new playback library as they have been promising for 2+ years now…