Searching podcasts in spotify

Is it possible to listen to podcasts on spotify? I can’t find them when using the search in mopidy. I’m using the latest mopidy+mopidy-spotify(tunigo).

I don’t think that Libspotify, Spotify’s unloved and unmaintained library that mopidy-spotify uses, supports podcasts as they are a relatively recent addition to the platform.

If you can find a podcast uri through other means (e.g. from an official client or maybe from mopidy-iris or mopidy-mopify?) then you could try and play it directly in mopidy-spotify, I have no idea if that works.

We would like to add support for features like this. We can access the search etc through Spotify’s other Web API and if it turns out libspotify can play them then someone could implement that.

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So i went and tried this and libspotify couldn’t deal with the podcasts. So, while we could support searching for them (through the Web API), we cannot play them until Spotify get off their hands and provide a new playback library as they have been promising for 2+ years now…

any news regarding this?

Or any workaround? Currently I’m running iris frontend with mopidy-podcast-itunes backend to get access to podcasts, but I would prefer the spotify podcasts.

You can also try Rompr frontend, it has great podcast support, try the dev branch. You can also use its internal Itunes search. Rompr by far surpasses any Mopidy frontend.

in my opinion the current podcast stuff in Mopidy is plain barebones, you cant even sort new podcasts. Rompr helps in that area quite abit (Dev branch)

It also lets you import your podcasts. However if you still like the itunes addon, you can keep using that from Mopidy in Rompr

So you are saying that mopidy-spotify will play a spotify podcast if you give it one via rompr?

I do not have or use Spotify, but it has additional Spotify support if you use spotify addon for Mopidy. I do not know what it can do with that.

What I was saying is that if you are a Mopidy user who like to listen alof of podcasts, Rompr is the the most ideal partner for you. Any other Mopidy solution is a bit barebones to me.

The dev is also implementing resuming of podcast episodes which is what most other podcast apps can do and no Mopidy addon can do that as of now.

If it is missing podcasts from Spotify, feel free to open a bug for Rompr, the dev is constantly adding stuff, I am sure he will add it, given that he seems to be a Spotify user himself.

Ah Yeh I should have re-read the thread, particularly my own reply back in October where I found it won’t work for Spotify podcasts. I don’t think there’s any support for podcasts in librespot either.

So to answer your question @fgebhart, no. And to be clear, rompr won’t be able to help with this. It’s a fundamental limitation in libspotify.

Yes Rompr wont help with the original Spotify lib issue but he was looking for workarounds for podcasts. And Rompr is the best podcast solution for this.

Plus most likely the Rompr dev can implement the Spotify podcasts inside Rompr maybe, so contact the dev and see what he says.

You can’t even get podcasts via the Web API. And even if you could, you simply cannot play them without libspotify support which does not exist. There’s no two ways about this. This feature really is not possible until Spotify release a new SDK.

thanks for your answers! Hopefully Spotify will release the new SDK soon. Plus I will check out Rompr :slight_smile:

Sure, that is understandable, but Rompr is still the best podcast solution for Mopidy in my view. Give it a go. Plus its library management is much more able, my personbal opinion.

You want the dev version from Github, current release does not have the newest podcast stuff.

git clone
cd rompr
git checkout developer

Also it is not clear when installing but you actually do not need an Mysql server, just select “lite” install and it will use sqlite locally. So you just need some kind of http server.