Mopidy Mobile and Spotify search

Following my comments on Google play the dev of Mopidy Mobile has asked if I would raise the issue that I had here.

In RC4 ‘Spotify’, ‘Spotify browse’ and ‘Spotify web browse’ options were available, In RC5 ‘Spotify’ has been removed, Although searching works well through ‘Spotify browse’ in the web client it returns no results when used with Mopidy Mobile (which only seems to work with the removed tab ‘Spotify’), So the options seem to be:

RC4: Spotify search in Mopidy Mobile but no Spotify connect.
RC5 Spotify connect but no search in Mopidy Mobile.

Any chance of combining the two??


@fourzfour: Thanks for posting your issue here (and for updating your Play store review :slight_smile:)!
Have you tried searching from the top-level “Library” directory, or were you browsing to the “Spotify browse”/“Spotify web browse” directories? Mopidy Mobile uses “context-sensitive search”, i.e. if you browse to a directory, then it will search only within that directory. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been using Spotify myself, and I’m not up to date with all the latest developments in that area, but I think “Spotify (web) browse” doesn’t support search, so that may be why you wouldn’t get results when performing a search in that directory.

Hi tkem and thanks for the reply,

I was searching from the ‘Spotify’ directory in RC4 because the other two Spotify directories (browse and web) never produced any results, As the ‘Spotify’ directory was not available in RC5 search was not possible, However I tried a search from the ‘Library’ directory as you suggested and it worked perfectly, It seems a bit slower but I guess that’s because it’s searching all of the folders.

Thanks for taking the time to help solve this…

Glad that it works now (though imperfectly)!

This is actually a long-standing issue with Mopidy Mobile - Backend extensions which do not support browsing will not appear in the “Library” tab, so you cannot “browse” into them to limit search to the respective backend. My guess is that the “Spotify” backend is still installed in MusicBox RC5, but due to some issues with Spotify’s client libraries, the browsing capability has been removed and/or delegated to “Spotify (web) browse” - @kingosticks (or whoever) please correct me if I’m wrong.