Mopidy-local with google-drive-ocamlfuse

Hi Dudes,
it’s possible to have the mp3 in a fuse drive? (GoogleDrive)

The standard umask is


Website of ocamlfuse configuration

Which umask mode should be? And is a good idea to do a GoogleDrive in execute mode?

I have FTTH 200Mbit/s synchronous and nice peering to the GoogleDriveServers technically shoudn’t be a problem.

And i have to do the same like i did in the other thread:

  • mount the drive as user with systemd at startup, should be mopidy or the suoders?
  • chmod +x /home/GoogleDrive #Don’t work because of umask, right?
  • chown -R mopidy:audio /home/GoogleDrive/mp3 # Takes very long time
  • chmod -R ug+rwx /home/GoogleDrive/mp3# It’s needed?
  • find /home/GoogleDrive/mp3 -type d -exec chmod ug+x {} ;
  • sudo mopidyctl local scan

Can me give someone advaices? I’m very thankful

So i did it:

  • Mount the Drive with -o=allow_other option: google-drive-ocamlfuse -o=allow_other /home/GoogleDrive
  • Add Drive Automount on systemd

Description=FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
ExecStart=google-drive-ocamlfuse -o=allow_other /home/GoogleDrive
ExecStop=umount -l /home/GoogleDrive

  • Change rights like write in the upper post
  • Scan Floder with 3000ms TIme, it’s neeed time (Change in mopidy.conf)
  • Do sudo mopidyctl local scan
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