Local music permissions issues

Hi all,

Im running mopidy on a pi3 and have an external drive that is automatically mounted at /media/pi/Mediadrive/music. I am running mopidy as a service and did read that it runs at user mopidy and needs permissions. Problem is i just cant seem to get it to work. I even gave all access to the drive(777) and changed the user from mopidy to root in the service settings. But, when I mopidyctl local scan it still runs as mopidy. Anyone have an idea what Im doing wrong?

WARNING  2022-04-03 11:49:49,478 [2127:MainThread] mopidy_local.commands
  Encountered 1 errors while finding files in file:///media/pi/Mediadrive/music/rock
WARNING  2022-04-03 11:49:49,479 [2127:MainThread] mopidy_local.commands
  Error for file:///media/pi/Mediadrive/music/rock: ('Permission denied', 13)