Mopidy local error

hi - trying to scan local folder on rpi
have modified the conf. file as follows
running mopidy as service.

media_dir = /home/disk_mount/Music

but get the following error when running sudo mopidy local scan

WARNING 2023-08-28 19:49:41,031 [13732:MainThread] mopidy.main
Found local configuration errors. The extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING 2023-08-28 19:49:41,032 [13732:MainThread] mopidy.main
local/media_dir must be set.
WARNING 2023-08-28 19:49:41,033 [13732:MainThread] mopidy.main
Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.

any thoughts ?

As you’re saying that you’ve set that value in your config file, I would assume that it isn’t reading that config file.

This is how to see what the effective configuration is:

This tells you how to find the right config file to edit:

I have a similar error and am editing the correct config file because other settings have been applied…
Did you find a solution or does anyone else have a suggestion?

It’s a while back now but i think for me it was readong the wrong config file as mopidy was set up as a service on my rpi.

This always end up being an issue relating to the wrong config file. There are two ways to run Mopidy and they each have a different file and different commands as per Running — Mopidy 3.4.2 documentation

Please clarify which way you are running Mopidy and then use the appropriate command to display the effective config and provide that here.