Mopidy-Iris: Size of Albumcover

I’m new here - hello to all in this community.
I have built a small Musicplayer for our children. Raspberry Pi 4 + Official 7inch touchscreen (800 x 480 px) + Dietpi + Chromium Kiosk + Mopidy and Mopidy-Iris. Pretty good software, everything works fine and looks really good.
I have only a little, optical problem :). Hope it’s good to see at the pictures. When the kids choose an album, the green play-button is not visible. Every time they have to scroll-up to reach the button. Resolution in size and dpi are correct and before I play with zoom-out, fontsize, etc., is there a possibility to configure the coversize? That the button comes a bit upwards or does anyone have a hint for me?

Thank you

You can ask Iris questions here no problem but you may get a faster answer at Issues · jaedb/Iris · GitHub

Thanks for your quick reply.
I’ll do that.