Mopidy-Iris: Size of Albumcover

I’m new here - hello to all in this community.
I have built a small Musicplayer for our children. Raspberry Pi 4 + Official 7inch touchscreen (800 x 480 px) + Dietpi + Chromium Kiosk + Mopidy and Mopidy-Iris. Pretty good software, everything works fine and looks really good.
I have only a little, optical problem :). Hope it’s good to see at the pictures. When the kids choose an album, the green play-button is not visible. Every time they have to scroll-up to reach the button. Resolution in size and dpi are correct and before I play with zoom-out, fontsize, etc., is there a possibility to configure the coversize? That the button comes a bit upwards or does anyone have a hint for me?

Thank you

You can ask Iris questions here no problem but you may get a faster answer at Issues · jaedb/Iris · GitHub

Thanks for your quick reply.
I’ll do that.

It seems the combination of your screen resolution and dimensions prevent the play button from showing. If you require the button to be visible without scrolling you will need to either zoom out, or switch to portrait mode.

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