Mopidy/Iris - see music under "Albums", but nothing under "Artists"

Using Mopidy and Iris on Raspberry Pi4 and Hifiberry DAC+pro -

Have loaded up a USB hard drive with music files ( flac extension), and set the mopidy music local to get the music from the attached hard drive.

I ripped from my CD’s using EAC Exact Audio Copy, and edited the track title and artist to show the correct info. Then compressed to FLAC format and saved file on the USB drive to then attach to Rpi4.

When open up the IRIS - and click on “Albums” - I can see all of the albums and the album cover artwork listed.

BUT - when I click on “Artists” - problem is NOTHING shows up. I would expect to see a list of all the music on the hard drive, sorted by artist…

However - if I first click on the BROWSE at the bottom of the left hand list, and then select LOCAL MEDIA, and then select ARTISTS -> then I can successfully see the music files arranged by artist.


I don’t think Iris is really useful for anything other than Spotify. Try a different frontend.

This happened to me on first setup, too. I had mopidy-files enabled but not the mopidy-local extension.

Add that to your mopidy.cfg file and then run mopidy local scan (or mopidyctl local scan if daemonized). Iris should get populated with albums and artists.

hope that helps!

Further to this, you will need to refresh the library from the Iris interface (ie Albums > Refresh). This will pull in your recently scanned content into the Iris database.

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