Album Art on small LCD?

i’d like to display ONLY the album art (without any controls, buttons etc.) on a small lcd, which i assemble in an old cassette case or cd case. I got inspired by a project i found on the homepage of pimusicbox (see the image below), but unfortunately, there is no tutorial for that.
I know, there are some extensions like the MPD Touchscreen extension and several other, but i wonder, if there’s someone who already realized my idea :slight_smile:
So i’d like to ask how i can get a small lcd to display only the album art (of a spotify or local song).

Thanks in advance!


I looked into this too …

There’s a whole bunch of MPD “clients” which are capable of displaying album art etc,
problem is most of them run pygme which eats most of the CPU on the RPi (esp my older one).

I’ve been considering netsurf, but the versions I tried crashed on the raspberry, but it
was a while ago, so it might be a good idea to look into it again.

Have you considered writing some kind of wrapper script around fbi? Something like the following?

ok, thanks for your replies. I’ll get into it, as soon as i bought a lcd or touch screen.
If you don’t mind, i’d be glad about a step by step instruction, because i’m a beginner regarding raspberry and programming.