Mopidy Iris - Select multiple items using a touchscreen UI?

Hey community,

I feel like a grandpa asking this, but does anyone know if it’s possible to select multiple items in the Mopidy Iris frontend when using a device with a touchscreen?

I.e. using a laptop with mouse and keyboard, I can shift-click to highlight multiple items…

… but I have no clue how to achieve the same using a touch-device. When long-pressing an item, I get a context menu that allows for interacting with the item. Short-pressin an item selects the item, and only that item, and I don’t know how to extend the selection from there.

I tried to ask directly in the Mopidy-Iris repo with a question-tag, but was greeted with a message directing any such enquiries here.

Thanks in advance!

With my mobile phone running Firefox on Android, I didn’t find a way to select multiple tracks in Iris.

But note I am not a regular user of Iris.

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Thanks for chipping in, @Matthias_Meulien, and check :white_check_mark:.
If it starts to look like the interface doesn’t allow for selecting multiple items after all, maybe I’ll throw a feature request into the repo.