Mopidy in typescript

I am writing an application in Angular 2 (beta), and node.js. I am writing it in typescript and was wondering if Mopidy has a typescript version with type definitions? I am currently adding my own dummy typescript definitions of the mopidy functions I am interested in, but thought I would just use your typescript version if it exists. If it does not exists, maybe I can be of help to create it?

No, there’s no TypeScript version of Mopidy.js. I don’t know to what degree it makes sense/is possible to add type information, as 95% of the Mopidy.js API is generated at runtime based on the API description Mopidy.js gets from the Python backend.

I see. Maybe it is better then to just stick with my own “typescript-shells” on the functionality that I am actually using. It is mostly just Tracks, and album uris anyways :wink: