Mopidy.js 1.0 released

Yesterday, I released Mopidy.js 1.0, the first update to Mopidy.js in almost four years.

For those not familiar with Mopidy.js, it is the library that makes Mopidy’s core API available from browsers and Node.js programs, using JSON-RPC over a WebSocket to communicate with Mopidy. This library is the foundation of most Mopidy web clients.

The focus of the release is mostly to modernize the development tooling, dependencies and source code of Mopidy.js to keep on working for another four years. On the negative side, there are a few breaking changes (see changelog). On the positive side, the test suite works again and the prebuilt web bundle has been reduced from 42 kB to 12 kB.

For a more detailed look into the process of modernizing Mopidy.js after the four year hiatus, I’ve written a blog post.