Mopidy http and mpd not working

Hello I followed Mopidy guide to install it on raspberry pi b+,

Mopidy seems to run, except I cant connect any clients to http or mpd

This is all I get when running the mopidy command:

pi@RaspberryCDZ:~ $ mopidy
INFO Starting Mopidy 2.0.0
INFO Loading config from builtin defaults
INFO Loading config from /home/pi/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf
INFO Loading config from command line options
INFO Enabled extensions: mopify, spotify, mpd, http, stream, m3u, softwaremixer, file
INFO Disabled extensions: local
WARNING Found local configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING local/media_dir must be set.
WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.
INFO Starting Mopidy mixer: SoftwareMixer
INFO Starting Mopidy audio
INFO Starting Mopidy backends: StreamBackend, M3UBackend, FileBackend, SpotifyBackend
INFO Audio output set to "autoaudiosink"
INFO Starting Mopidy core
INFO Logged in to Spotify in offline mode
INFO Logged in to Spotify in online mode
INFO Starting Mopidy frontends: QueueManagerFrontend, MpdFrontend, HttpFrontend
INFO MPD server running at [::ffff:]:6600
INFO Starting GLib mainloop
INFO HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680

Only thing it doesn’t seem to be working is local extension is it necessary for everthing else to work?


By default, both mpd and http will only accept connections from local host for security reasons:

Thanks for the reply,

That was it, but it wasn´t as easy. I was changing the values on the config file that mopidy created with the defaults on the first run but when running “mopidy config” it was like I wasn’t changing anything. So I deleted the config file, created a new empty file and writed only the config values I wanted to change, and it worked.

Lines which start with # in the config file are comments and are ignored.
You have to remove the # for your change to take effect.

Thanks, nice to know.