Mopidy dual stream pulseaudio and usb soundcard

Hi, been playing around with mopidy and got it to work with some led light strips that sync to music while mopidy selects a random song from spotify. To improve the project i want to stream pulse audio from mopidy to my led lights which read from a pulse audio server and at the same time output the same audio through usb soundcard or 3.5mm jack (whatever is better quality) in sync. Im able to do it with usb soundcard port 1 connected to speaker and mopidy, lights work with microphone instead of pulseaudio, and (same) usb sound (same card has 2 ports, 1 for speaker 1for mic) port 2 connected to mic for led lights . Im also able to do it with usb soundcard output plugged in a loop back to itself in its mic port for lights to register sound from mopidy with speaker at 3.5mm but this makes the whole system come to a crawl so doesnt rly work. Now im looking at pulse audio to lights directly and usb soundcard output to speaker. Would mopidy be able to dual send to pulse and soundcard?