Output audio on another RPI

Hi all,
I was wondering if mopidy can be configured in a way that it uses the sound output not of the raspi it is installed on but on another one in the same network. The reason I am asking is that I have hifiberry on my second Pi which I would like to use. Unfortunately it runs openelec which does not allow mopidy as far as I know. So my workaround would be having mopidy on my raspbmc rpi and output the sound on the hifiberry openelec machine.
Does that make sense ?
Thank you for reading

Mopidy and xbmc systems can be combined, just takes some care. Problem is basically that xbmc bundles a bunch of libraries with tweaks instead of using system libraries. So when mopidy pulls in gstreamer for audio it brings in a libtag version that doesn’t work with xbmc. See https://github.com/xbianonpi/xbian/issues/378#issuecomment-37723392 for more details.

As for streaming to an other instance see https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/config/?highlight=shoutcast#streaming-through-shoutcast-icecast though this doesn’t work nearly as well as we want it to. Or use something like https://gist.github.com/dz0ny/d803ee4b2e96bb3c2e4a

Longer term we are working on fixing many of these audio streaming issues, but there are a bunch of small and not so small things making the work slow.

Very useful - thank you !!! I chose https://gist.github.com/dz0ny/d803ee4b2e96bb3c2e4a