Mopidy and alexa-avs-raspberry-pi

I am investigating using voice control with mopidy via the use of Alexa Voice Service. Using the avs-raspberry-pi build. Was interested in hearing if someone had already done this or started to look into it. I found a few threads from earlier in the year but they went quiet. So I thought I would try a new thread.


Hi faisih,

Within help from guys in this forum I have already done it and U’m going to post step by step Tutorial on how to make it (see also my topic ‘Sending http command to play playlist

do you have any updates on the step by step tutorial?

Nope, not yet. Still fighting with some specific Alexa issues. Hopefully I’ll publish it within few days

will it run with the amazon lambda service?
And if you need some testing done, i will gladly help

Yes, some help would be appreciated, I’m slowly drawning with this subject.

Is there some place i could get some test files?