Voice Controlling Mopidy on a Raspberry Pi

Hey folks, I want to run a Mopidy Server on my Raspberry Pi (Model B+). Besides I want to be able to use voice commands to control this server.

I assume running a home automation software like ‘Home Assistant’ or ‘Kalliope’ would be a good solution. However I encountered different issues setting up the former two.

So are any of you running a voice controlled Mopidy server and what is your solution?

I’m looking forward to hear any ideas and suggestions from you!

You could try Snips, it promises lots but I could not get it to deliver. They have been promising a new version and it might well be out by now - forum support is very poor though.

I followed the instructions here https://medium.com/snips-ai/how-to-build-a-voice-controlled-speaker-that-protects-your-privacy-ec6429a2c673 and got parts to work but it would never all work together.

I use Home Assistant to control Mopidy and Snapcast but not vocally, it’s very successful - does take a while to set up though.