Local scan button in webclient?


RFE: pls put a “Local scan” button in the webclient GUI. This could be very useful when adding new local music, without the need to go to terminal->ssh.

Could you provide tips to modify the code if you are not going to include this?


I’d invite you to take a look at the source code yourself. It’s at https://github.com/pimusicbox/mopidy-musicbox-webclient and at https://github.com/pimusicbox/mopidy-websettings

The latter might be simpler since it already has a nice obvious example for the “get now playing” button.


This could be how it shows up in GUI:



Versioning info:



I have issued a Pull request for the “version” label in the home page. Still working on the “local scan” button as APIs do not provide such a function. Maybe I should issue an AJAX request.