Limited number of tracks in local network?

i installed pimusicbox and connected to the windows share containing all my music files (mp3) in a structured way (artist/album/title).
unfortunately, the pimusicbox only seems to scan the first 29000 tracks, then it crashes.
on the next startup, it informs about checking the 29000 tracks from library, then it informs that it has found more tracks which need to be updated, and then scanning…

then, after some time, i get the error message:
(mopidy:2748): CRITICAL **: nal_reader_get_ue: assertion ‘i <= 32’ failed
this error message appears multiple times.

after one more restart, i still have only the 29000 tracks in the library.
is there a limitation of tracks in pimusicbox or mopidy?
is there a way to increase this?


There is no maximum limit. The issue here is probably GStreamer crashing on parsing some track. Mopidy 1.2 will upgrade GStreamer from 0.10 to 1.2+, which will hopefully fix this and many other bugs. We know for sure that the upgrade already fixed another crash while scanning media.

thanx for the quick reply!
so when will a pimusicbox image with the new mopidy version be available?