Jack Audio sink/support

I was wondering if there is a native Support for using Jack Audio Server Set up?

Or do I need to setup a alsa-loop back or Pulseaudio sink?


If someone is still interested, it is possible to use the gstreamer “jackaudiosink” option for the output in mopidy.
However, there is a draw back, as for each new song the sink module gets reloaded in Jack and must be connected to the correct ports again.
So far I’ve not managed to change the default connections the gestreamer jackaudiosink makes while its being reloaded…

As workaround I’m using the pulseaudiosink for jack at the moment.

fwiw I got this working with the port-pattern property.

You can specify the jack connection each time gstreamer starts up. It is helpful to use this command to figure out connection:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! jackaudiosink port-pattern=pure_data_0

It just plays a tone. It seems port-pattern can accept a port number or port name (which I grabbed from qjackctl, the puredata program in this case).

then add it to Mopidy config:

output = jackaudiosink port-pattern=pure_data_0