Multiple audio outputs

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is it possible to setup more that one audio output from Mopidy? I want to stream to the icecast server and play over the HDMI (ALSA) simultaneously.

I need use alsasink and lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=mopidy ip= port=8000 password= together :slight_smile:

Thank you.

You should be able to do this by adding a tee gstreamer element. There are some examples in the gstreamer documentation.

Yeah, thank you :slight_smile:

If someone wants same thing - config for mopidy:

output = tee name=t t. ! queue ! alsasink t. ! queue ! lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=mopidy ip= port=8000 password=yourpassword

Hi there,

to open the question again: Might it be possible to extend mopidy to play multiple audio streams on different audio sinks simultaniously?
I’m thinking about extending Mopidy core to handle multiple Audio- and Tracklist-Instances but I’m not quite sure if there are issues I haven’t found so far…

And yes, I know that one solution is to start multiple mopidy server instances, but a “native” solution would offer more control and possibilities (e.g. control all audio stream from one web-extension…)


Wouldn’t it be much easier to implement just the web interface that can handle multiple mopidy instancies ?

For anyone running mopidy as a service with pulsesink server and also want to stream here’s the config:
output = tee name=t ! queue ! audioresample ! pulsesink server = t. ! queue ! lamemp3enc ! shout2send async=false mount=mopidy ip=your_ip port=8000 password=your_password

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