New MusicBox install successes and issues

I have MusicBox running on a pi 3 with Pimoroni phatDAC. This is a basic install, I changed very few things – added network login info, a Samba share, enabled Shairport, set the output to phatDAC.

It fundamentally works. I can play music through Bluetooth. I can use the web client to play things in the default streams list. However there is a lot I can’t do:

  • Volume control from the web client doesn’t seem to work. Do I need to do something to enable it for the phatDAC?

  • Now Playing screen in the web client does not show anything when music is playing through Shairport. Should it?

  • Local MP3 files on the Samba share are found but won’t play – they start very briefly (a second or two) then seem to get stuck with (Sync) showing.

  • Most interactions via the web client on another wireless device (iPhone) are very slow – long delays to start and stop new streams or just to connect to MusicBox via the wifi. Network speed should not be an issue – it’s 802.11n, dual band, a good router (Netgear WNDR3700), and that same iPhone speed tests at 50 MB/s.

Thoughts on any of the above welcome, thanks!


One other note – I see quite a few of these in the log:

2017-12-31 17:41:09,712 - WARNING Element doesn't implement handling of this stream. Please file a bug.

I think they are related to trying to play the local files but I have to do more careful experimenting to be sure.

Can anyone help me with these items? I have done some research but still can’t figure them out. Especially the problem with playing local MP3s, and with setting the volume.



Volume control should work with the phatDAC, I have one of those myself. EDIT: Hardware mixer must be disabled for phatDAC.

Now playing doesn’t currently support Spotify Connect or Shairport.

Sync shows when the time position of the currently playing track cannot be determined, usually because the track stopped playing. When they briefly start, is that just the timer saying 1 or 2 seconds or do you actually briefly hear music? Can you try enabling the debug log for Mopidy in websettings (Musicbox submenu) and retrying? You could also try to add the following mount options “rsize=2048,wsize=4096,cache=strict”. You will have to do this via the command line, I can explain in more detail if you need.

Is it just iphone that’s slow? Can you try other computers? Can you try one of the different webclients with the iphone? e.g. http://musicbox/moped

Thanks for the quick reply. I did have the hardware mixer enabled, that’s easy to fix.

I do sometimes get 1 or 2 seconds of audio from the local files. Other times I don’t hear anything, it seems to be random.

Command line is no problem, been a command line user for a lot of years :).

I set up the debug log. It’s pretty large (320K at last look) but much of the tail looks like this, repeated every 5 ms or so:

2018-01-05 09:56:27,530 DEBUG [3077:HttpServer] mopidy.http.handlers: Sent WebSocket message to '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 413, "result": 16117}'
2018-01-05 09:56:27,532 DEBUG [3077:HttpServer] mopidy.http.handlers: Received WebSocket message from u'{"method":"core.playback.get_time_position","jsonrpc":"2.0","id":414}'

Let me know if that is useful or if you need the whole thing.

Slowness is mostly the iPhone, I will try the other client. I do frequently get a popup – on both desktop and iPhone – reading “Loading data from MusicBox on, please wait” and that usually does not terminate, I have to reload the web client.



I should try and flag that mixer option as invalid when phatDac is enabled.

The repeating tail section isn’t interesting (although might explain why things go so slow?). I am looking for some kind of pause event around the time of the song starting to play, and then hopefully a reason why. Probably safest to send the whole thing.

That loading popup is surprising on a pi3. What extensions do you have enabled? And how did you get bluetooth streaming working, is that via a USB dongle?