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Hi, first post here. Thanks to this community, I’ve got a very powerful install both at home (family users) and at work (co-workers). I and my other users are familiar and comfortable with Spotify’s frontend and Iris does a pretty great job providing an experience that can be as good or better except when it comes to search results relevancy.

Search results relevancy is quite poor for me especially with multiple backends installed (SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify for example). I search for “ben kweller starz” and the Spotify track result is somewhere between result 50-100. Searching “taylor swift” doesn’t give an artist result on the first search screen (sort defaults to name). Usually a result for the right artist shows up somewhere if they are popular enough and I can navigate via an artist page, but for more obscure tracks and artists, it’s sometimes not feasible. Of course, if I disable all backends but Spotify, the results are much more navigable, but only because there are fewer results to scroll through.

Is this a shortcoming of Iris or can you recommend any configuration tweaks? I’d like to keep my mopidy backends active, but I wouldn’t mind if some (SoundCloud, Bandcamp) were browse-only and not searchable. I think a prior version of Iris allowed ad-hoc search result filtering by “source”, that would be helpful.

Mopidy 3.4.1
Iris 3.67.0
Armbian 23.04 (Ubuntu 22.04.2)
Docker 24.0.0
Mopidy backends: SubidyBackend, BandcampBackend, SoundCloudBackend, SpotifyBackend, FileBackend, M3UBackend, StreamBackend

I think a prior version of Iris allowed ad-hoc search result filtering by “source”, that would be helpful.

See Search: Reinstate source selection · Issue #906 · jaedb/Iris · GitHub

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@kingosticks thanks for the reply. After reading through that issue, I’ve been trying some suggestions. There’s actually a sort by popularity that would mostly get me the results I need (most often), but it’s unfortunately ordered on Spotify followers ascending rather than descending, so we get the least popular results first and the most popular results last.

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