Internet video and audio latency (ca 2 sec)


I’ve just started using the musicbox on the RPi B+. I am now trying to stream audio output from my Windows 10 PC to the musicbox.

So far I’ve tried 2 programs with different settings

  1. TuneBlade (AirPlay)

When I e.g. watch a video on YouTube, both solutions produce a 2-3 sec delay, which wouldn’t be a huge issue for music, but is ridiculous for videos, of course. I wonder what could be the issue and whether it is possible to cut down the delay.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. it is possible to use VLC player with TuneBlade - that works just fine, because the player adjusts the output; however in the best case scenario I’d like to use as few such solutions as possible - i.e. to continue watch YouTube from the browser etc.