Install Tidal Extension

I am new to Raspberry pi. Trying to add Tidal to Musicbox but not sure how to accomplish this.


Mopidy-Tidal requires at least Mopidy v1.0, which is not compatible with Musicbox v0.6.

Thanks. Do I install Mopidy as a stand alone program and if so how do I do that?

Thanks for the link.

Sorry if this question is a bit off topic, but I had the understanding that Tidal does not have a developer’s API (in the same way Spotify does). Did the people behind mopidy-tidal create their own api somehow?

Seems it does have an API that’s used by their Web player, it’s just not published for outside use officially. So it could be removed or change without warning at any time (… You could argue Spotify’s is no different).

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Spotify recently changed their API without warning, making it impossible to search for music until you guys fixed it, so yes, I agree.

I currently have musicbox running on Raspberry Pi. How do I add the Tidal extension?


Pretty sure my answer is still the same.

Can you point me in the right direction? I tried:

sudo apt-get install mopidy-tidal

But it doesn’t seem available? I’m not a developer so please bear with me. Thanks!

Install by running:
pip install Mopidy-Tidal

Thanks, that seems to do something. However what we see there is some sort of ‘dependency-hell’ when we use Pi MusicBox. What is the recommended setup? Straight into Raspbian?

The situation described on the earlier posts has not changed. If you want to use the tidal extension you’ll need to use normal Raspbian rather than PiMusicbox.

Ok got that to work too: we’ve got Mopidy-Tidal running on Raspbian Jessie. But how do we actually access Tidal database? Which ‘front-end’ do we need? Any more we need?

Thanks for the help!!