Install Mopidy on Synology NAS

Hey Guys,

sry im an absolut Noob! Can someone explain to me how to install Mopidy on my Synology NAS?
I have already installed “docker” and downloaded Mopidy. I have no clue how to continue…
Are there any tutorials?


How did you download Mopidy? There’s no official Docker image, so if you want to run Mopidy in a container you’ll have to build your own.

This is my setup: You may be able to base yours on it.

Does your Synology have audio output? I suppose you could use Mopidy to either work with Icecast or UPnP to stream to a supported device on your network, but there are other tools that can do that, including the Synology Audio Station package.

It might help to learn a bit more about what you’re trying to do.

That’s an interesting idea though. I wonder if I could put docker on my QNAP, install Mopidy and SnapServer and put it all in one place. My Pi4 with Mopidy and a SnapServer is working well though, so I’m not super enthused to break things.

My router is Open WRT and another potential place to run from, but I’d like to have three or more equal servers and clients throughout the house so when my remodeling is done and I get housemates there is equal flexibility for all of us.

Note that I use Mopidy/MusicBox as a front end in to SnapCast then distribute it through out the house.

Hey Guys!
Wow thx for all your answers. Didnt expect that many and that fast.
Let me quick read everything and responde to everyone of you.

Oh rly?
I think i missunderstood mopidy then.
I thought its kind of a musicplayer on my synology wich i can run on every browser and stream my music via upnp to my stereo system (yamaha cx-a5000).

Im currently using “MusicBee” to manage my Music.
I use “Synology Drive Client” to keep my Windows Music Folder (thats were my Music is stored) sync between my PC and my Laptop (and my Synology-NAS of course).

But that setup has its downsites.
sometimes files getting overwritten or not synced propperly. my files are a mess sometimes (dups and redundant files).

Im looking for a cleaner solution. I Thought about about a cental Music-Player on my Synology-NAS, wich i can access from everywhere via internet.

Sure, Synology has its own solution for it: “audio station”.
But its not nearly something like “MusicBee”.

Its only for Playing the Music-Files, but not Managing them.
I thought about something more like an own “spotify-server” or something like that.

thats why i thought mopidy could be an proper alternative for synologys audio station.

no, that’s my mistake. I thought you were using the Synology connected directly to an amp of some sort. The thing you’re describing should be possible if you can get the docker image setup correctly.

Check out for some additional info on connecting to UPnP end points.

I downloaded the top mopidy version in docker.
how do i get the image setup corectly? is there a tutorial somewhere?


There isn’t an official Mopidy image, so you’ll have to find out who made that one and see if they’ve got some documentation. Click that link next to the name of the image, and hopefully it’ll take you to some docs.

on my DS220+ run in docker

Awesome. Could you tell me how you did it?
What settings i have to write in die docker-setup ?
Like “Paths” and stuff.


you have to install second repository, only in this repository you find Mopidy

you clik on Supervisor then 3 point on right, then repositories add final you add repository

then you have in Supervisor two repositories
Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Home Assistant Community Add-ons - EDGE! in this you find it

you install Mopidy from HA Supervisor …

I think the question was about running Mopidy as a stand-alone container, not as a Home Assistant add-on.