Dockerization of Mopidy / MusicBox possible?


is it possible to run Mopidy (and by extension the whole MusicBox system) in a docker container?

It is quite easy to run docker on the raspberries with Hypriot and creating a basic container based on Raspbian & Python is possible without any manual work (see their rpi-python container). I also found several docker files related to Mopidy (albeit several years old) so I assume there are some experiences somewhere.

A benefit of running MusicBox in a container would be the possibility to run things side-by-side without affecting each other (e.h. Kodi, OwnCloud). It would be easier to maintain and install as well - possibly also on non-raspberry systems.

What is puzzling me is the configuration of hardware devices such as USB sound adapters or DACs. I assume they would have to be configured outside of the container and handed in as a reference, right?

What do you think?


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Sorry for reviving an old conversation @jochen but have you seen this thread:

I also found this on Docker Hub:

Looks like it contains the Pi Musicbox front-end and instructions on accessing the audio through the docker container. I have no idea how it will work with a DAC.

There are also containers for shareport-sync, snapcast, and spotify connect.

Iā€™m not sure how all of this would run on a Pi and how the audio switch among all the services, but it is interesting to look into.