Iris' Image art artist come from !?

Hi all,

I see on my fresh mopidy install, artist image arts are fetched from

And, so there is not displayed because no image file are present at this location…

The sample Mopidy uri on my system is:

But I dont understand how images art should be get, because I see in logs some muscibrainz fetchs.

Note: When I activate Spotify, images are displayed. But I not want to use spotify for images and I prefer the use of free databases like musicbrainz :wink:


Iris doesn’t have a direct integration with Musicbrainz. Previously I used LastFM but artist artwork was discontinued (rather suddenly), and seeing as Spotify is already well-established it was a natural substitute with minimal development effort required.

Hi thanks for your answer!

LastFM isn’t free software, so… and same way with spotify, it will be the case too, sure…

I whould like to contribute but I’m not a developper. Could you tell me if you have the time to devel this feature request below ? Could you estimate the time and the cost for publish it ?

feature request :

Display cover and artist in relevant section in Iris

Step 1

  • scrape covers from or in id3
  • scrape artist from like here
  • create case option in Iris setup page to select where images should be fetched by “files module”
  • let the user to choose the priority ([ ] primary:, [ ] seconary: spotify, etc… )

Step 2

  • create a button to scrape files and store it localy into DB
  • create a button to refresh images (download only never files)
  • create a button to store cover art into id3 files tags

Have you tried Mopidy Mobile? That seems to let you choose the image source.

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