How to Mount more than one Windows Network Drive on boot

Yesterday I start my first experiance with MusicBox after trying Volumio.
I try to mount 2 (or more) Windows (NFTS) network drives. Could someone help me to setup this in settings.ini?

I made 2 sections but MusicBox take only the last:
mount_address = //192.168.0.xx/Musik
mount_user = xxx
mount_password = yyy

mount_address = //192.168.0.xx/Musik2
mount_user = xxx
mount_password = yyy

I’m afraid we currently only support one, so it will take the last one. I don’t think I’ve ever had a request for more but there’s no reason why we couldn’t.

Hello kingosticks,

Thank you for the fast feedback.
I have to merge the 2 folders from the 2 computers.

Yes, although it’s quite simple to manually add extra network drives to the system. You would add the following to the bottom of the /etc/fstab file:

//192.168.0.xx/Musik2  /music/Network2  cifs  sec=ntlm,ro,user=xxx,password=yyy  0  0

Then create the extra mount point:

mkdir /music/Network2

And then test it out:

mount -a

If it worked then your Musik2 files should now be visible at /music/Network2. You can then reboot and wait for Musicbox to scan the new files, after which they should be available to search/play etc.


I’ve tried this, and can’t seem to get a share mounted (works fine in both osmc and Raspbian), and I get the following error:

mount error(115): Operation now in progress
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

I’ve tried both R5 and R6. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately this is broken in rc6. See for a workaround. If you can’t replace the file as outlined then you can just make the small edit. I guess I need to do an rc7 ASAP.

Thanks for the quick reply! Have replied in the other thread :slight_smile: