How to get it to run on Rasp PI 3 en Bluetooth Audio

I like the trouble free operation of the current version (SD image), but that image does not run on my new Pi 3, and also it does not easily support Bluetooth Audio. Can someone make a SD image or instruction that can be used on the Pi 3 and includes a way to select a Bluetooth audio speaker? Would so much appreciate that.


Maybe not an SD image, but a for-dummy instruction would also be great! Re Bluetooth I found several tricks, als on this board. But for Pi 3 i did not find an instruction. Is it possible to run PiMusicbox (with Spotify) on a Pi3?

Yes, but not out of the box. You will have to manually copy certain files in /boot from a more recent raspbian image:

I’m pretty sure the firmware for the onboard wifi+bluetooth is not included in the current Musicbox image. You’ll have to mess around to get it working, which will be “fun”.

Did anyone manage to do this? RPi3 + mopidy + bluetooth speakers?