Send audio from Musicbox through bluetooth

Hi there, just wondering if anyone has been able to use Pi Musicbox to stream audio to bluetooth speakers? Google finds me lots of (non Musicbox) projects to use a Raspberry as bluetooth speakers, so it looks like I can get a bluetooth dongle working on it. But how would I use that as the ‘soundcard’ for musicbox? Thanks, Gavin

Well I’ve got a bluetooth dongle & speaker connected by following these instructions:

Now trying to work out how to get MusicBox to play through it, so if anyone can help I’d be grateful.

It could work if you follow the instructions. Use /etc/asound.conf instead of ./asoundrc You probably have to disable audio autodetection in /opt/musicbox/ because it overwrites /etc/asound.conf

Hi Gavin,

Were you able to send the audio to a bluetooth speaker? I want to do the same in another project of mine.


Hi Lunz,

Not yet – got it half working but no further. Still on the list of things to do, I’m afraid!

Once you’ve got it generally working (having taken @woutervanwijk’s advice) you may need to set Mopidy’s audio/output setting to something like ‘alsasink device=bluetooth’. There’s a lot of evolving info at that may be interesting but your original link alone should be sufficient to get it working.

I test the PI MusicBox software and i find it very cool, I find also it would be very nice if you could add a solution to send Music through an USB Bluetooth dongle. I hope you could find a solution for this.

Thanks !