How to contribute and also keep code up to date?

Hi PiMusicbox gang - I have some time over christmas (two whole weeks!) and one of the projects I’m working on is to build the piMusicBox into my boombox.

Aside from the nuts and bolts, batteries and solder operations - I want to take a shot at making a few basic modifications to the way the PMB works - so I wanted to know the best way to contribute, if I make changes that you guys think would be useful? Github I guess…

Also - what is the best way to apply any updates without needing to reinstall and overwrite my old settings?

I’ve seen some code here: but not sure if its as easy as using git to make sure my code is up to date…

Thanks and happy holidays!


Hello bART

contributing is always a good idea :smile:
The github part is described in the documentation at
Of course you have to make sure your private ip and wlan password do not end up in a public github repository. The best way to achieve this is a bit dependent on the extent of your planned modifications and your expertise.
If only a few minor modifications are planned i would just note the files i change and copy these files to my fork of for testing.

Good luck with your project and happy holidays!