Build image with alternate mopidy-spotify repo

I’m able to build a pimusicbox image from source following the instructions at

I’m now attempting to update the script to use instead of the default as it enables the use of playlists (with a workaround that seems to work).

I have a feeling it involves changing the following lines. Can anyone provide me with the appropriate incantation? I’m not sure if this OAuth fix is required or included in BlackLight’s fork. Also not sure about the -no-deps and --upgrade flags. I will continue trying things out in the meantime.

# Custom version with Web API OAuth fix backported from v3.1.0
pip install --no-deps --upgrade

edit: i’ve tried replacing the above with the following and in this case spotify simply doesn’t work at all
pip install git+

edit2: or of course if there’s a better place to ask this please let me know.
edit3: I abandoned this idea and installed mopidy on a fresh raspbian install, no pi musicbox. now everything is working for me just fine.