How do I hear the music playing from local to browser?

So, I’ve followed this guide:

Everything has worked fine and when I goto the endpoint ( I can see my song that I have and I can play/pause/etc…

My questions is, should I be able to hear it at this point/what do I need to do to actually hear the music locally or from another device?

So I have played around a little more to try and understand all of this. It looks like the browser is just for basic controls/ui? My question from here would be, when I start the docker container, how would I connect to that mpd server with a client? What hostname do I put into my mpd client (external ip?).

I’ve looked through MPDroid to do some testing but haven’t had much luck (put in various addresses that may work and port 6600). Any help on this would be appreciated.

I did modify my mopidy config file to have :: for hostname also.


Yes. Although you can use icecast to stream to your browser.

Sorry, I can’t help with using Docker other than the general idea of requiring you to expose the MPD port outside of the container; it should be very similar to whatever you have for HTTP, except that it’s for port 6600 instead of 6680.

Is there a more in depth guide for using icecast with mopidy?

I was running mopidy (pimusicbox) on a raspberry pi once, and I installed this on there

which then allowed me to also serve another page which would send music to a browser (in addition to having the standard page which allows you to play music on the server). This is but one option, there are more simpler ones also that I found when I was looking for them. Since you are likely running mopidy on a server, that server can serve other things as well and there are therefor multiple ways in which you could send a webpage which sends a player and streams the music to a web page. Pimusicbox also has a samba server in-built, so you can also simply access the files on your local network using a normal music player like VLC from other computers/phones.