Gapless UPnP/DLNA renderer?

A bit confused here. I am trialling PiMusicBox as a renderer. Not really interested in other features, I just want the device to sit there and render what I send to it from my UPnP control point. But it must do this without gaps between tracks. This is essential and as far as I can see is supported in PiMusicBox (or Mopidy - not sure of the difference). But it doesn’t seem to work for me - I am getting about 0.5 second gaps between what should be continuous music. Am I supposed to do something to turn it on? The setup is mp3 and m4a files coming from Minimserver on another device in the LAN, being controlled by a variety of control points (e.g. Android/BubbleUPnP, W10/Upplay), and being rendered to a DACmagic via the USB port of the Pi (3B). PiMusicBox is today’s download - musicbox_v0.7.0RC7. Happy to get involved with SSH etc., but I haven’t seen any clues about how to ensure gapless, just comments about how it was coming and then came. All suggestions welcome.

It’s not supported in pimusicbox as we still don’t support Mopidy v2.x.

If you only want the renderer functionality then I’d suggest installing the latest versions of Mopidy and Upmpdcli on the latest Raspbian.

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Many thanks for the advice.