Gapless UPnP/DLNA rendering?


I’ve setup Mopidy on a Raspberry Pi (3B) recently. I also installed upmpdcli and now I’m able to play music from my NAS via UPnP/DLNA. (I have a Synology NAS and use their AudioStation/DS Audio app for that.)

All is working fine, except for Gapless Playback. I listen to classical music quite often, so this is an important feature for me. (For those who don’t listen to classical music: it’s common to have multiple tracks that belong to the same classical piece, that have to be played back gapless.)

When Googling, all I can find are messages from a few years ago, when Gapless Playback was not yet possible. But as I understand it, this should be possible by now, with a recent version of Mopidy. I there anything I should configure to enable this?

Best regards,

Hi Bart,

You shouldn’t have to do anything to enable gapless playback, it is supposed to just work. However, I can’t say I have personally ever explicitly tried (noticed) gapless playback with http streams. It’s not something that makes sense for general radio streams but of course it’s very reasonable for DLNA (and maybe also HLS?). I’ll give it a try myself.

I read the section regarding gapless playback with DLNA on upmpdcli’s website just the other week and I assume you have also. Mopidy would need to be “in charge of the play queue” for gapless to work and while the upmpdcli manual describes the two gapless methods, it doesn’t actually say what one is being used… unless I am missing something?

If you can get a debug log we can probably work it out and see what’s going on. Last time I used upmpdcli (years ago) it did a lot of status commands which spams the log and makes things confusing; if that is still the case you’ll want to filter most of those out before trying to make sense of the contents.