Duplicate artists in Iris UI

This is more of a general question, and it’s probably not an issue with Iris, but more Mopidy’s database. Anyhow, I have noticed my library seems to have a lot of duplicated artists. I have gone into their tags and made sure they are the same, but even after re-scanning etc, they show up separate in Iris.

Not really sure how to start debugging this, maybe taking a look at the sqlite DB itself? Is this a known issue?

Thanks for any pointers.

If I remember correctly this is normally because the tags are actually different in some very subtle way. Whitespace is often the reason, or artist tag vs album artist tag (I think…).

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I recommend to tag all tracks with a tool like MusicBrainz Picard that is connected to a database and search for tracks metadata based on so-called “AcousticId”.

I’ve more than 600 local albums (ripped CDs) and the corresponding Mopidy database is very clean, no known duplicates!

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Yes, I think that might’ve been the issue in some cases, but for my examples there’s not a lot to mess up with “The Shins” for example. I have confirmed that the artist and albumartist tags on all albums are the same. The only thing I can think of is that even after re-scanning mopidy is not re-associating the album with the correct band ID somehow?

To be clear, I’ve had this issue, then edited the tags for artist and albumartist to ensure consistency between albums, re-scanned the library and some but not all get fixed.

Thanks @Matthias_Meulien @kingosticks I figured it out.

So in the case of “The Shins” all files were properly and consistently tagged with artist and albumartist but it seems like either mopidy or iris is keying in on the MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID which some albums had but some which are not in MusicBrainz DB, did not have. As soon as I added the MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID to all of the files, all files are now under a single artist in the UI (after a re-scan and refresh of the actual artist page in the UI).

Thanks again for the tips.

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