Does Pi Musicbox operate on a Pi Zero?

I’ve tried swopping the Musicbox SD (latest version) from my Pi B+ into a Pi Zero but it won’t boot up, I’ve also tried a fresh install of version 0.6, however the green light on the board flashes 7 times, pauses then 7 times again, which I believe is an error message. Is this a problem with Musicbox?
I can successfully run Rasbian-Jessie latest image on the Pi Zero.

The musicbox image is too old and doesnt have the necessary updates required to boot a zero. I’m not sure exactly what is required but I remember the RPi Foundation announcing zero support was new in the Jessie images.

I put together PiMusicbox by hand on the Zero using Jessie Minimal and a USB sound card, and have documented the steps. You wouldn’t know its not the official. Web and everything.

I am doing mine as a project to put into a speaker casing, for a way more capable bluetooth speaker, with access to all my music, airplay, etc, etc, etc.

(First announced here, I am also working on an extension for Sirius XM Internet Radio support for Mopidy!)

Anyways, I have a bug with Mopidy not playing audio via the USB DAC (everything else does) but once that is fixed I would be happy to post my steps on everything I did to setup my Zero.
My bug if anyone is interested is posted at: [Solved] USB Dac Wont Play Through Mopidy But Works Everywhere Else

Would you please share it as-is: I guess it would work with HDMI sound out right out the box?
I’m interested to get that piece working under BerryBoot too (which a custom version boots Pi ZERO).

I tried to convert Musibox 0.6 image for BerryBoot, but I’ve not been successful yet: I think some config files are missing: dunno where to put them back.

Any help appreciated!

Today I installed Pi Musicbox 0.6.0 on my Pi Zero. It’s running smoothly with sound output through my PlainAMP DAC+Amplifier (using the iqaudio-dacplus overlay).

At first a fresh PiMusicbox 0.6.0 image would not boot on my Pi Zero. So what I did then was booting the fresh image on my old Pi model B+ and then run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on the B+. After that, the image would boot on my Pi Zero.

Before installing the PlainAMP I briefly tried to get sound on my TV through the HDMI but I did not hear any sound. I didn’t investigate further, this could be caused by my TV.

DarkHelmet I followed your post and it worked perfectly - using a cheap (£1.45) usb sound adapter and Pi Zero. Thanks for taking the time to post and share.

Great that it’s working for you now as well. What are you using for network connectivity on the Pi Zero? A wifi dongle?

Yes, I’ve got a usb hub attached and using that for the wifi dongle and the usb soundcard. It’s a powered hub so may try powering the Pi from the cable already coming from the hub - save having an additional power cable going into the Pi.

Would you share your img file for PiZero?
I somehow got it working under BerryBoot (which supports PiZero) and original Musicbox 0.6 image that I transformed squashFS for BerryBoot. Needed to add a /boot folder under BerryBoot containing Musibox FAT partition files.
Networking works great through Chromecast Ethernet adapter that powers and gives Ethernet in a sleek way.
Still I have few warning showing-up (alsamixer & webclient), and starpar failed startup: unsure how to fix these. Maybe your updated img would resolve that…


@DarkHelmet and Steve_Lambert
Hi, i also will join to request for sharing img file for Pi0.
I dont have other raspberry board but i want to check and test PiMusicbox.

OK it is working :). I borrow RPi B from one of my colleagues and after apt-get update put SD card on RPi0 and now is working well. Unfortunately i use 32GB SD card so i img file is large if anyone knows how to reduce file i’ll will share it.

zip it? Most probably the FAT partition containing firmware is what matters most to boot.

OK will try or will copy and gzip linux file system, after work will check.

Update. Sorry for lateness but i have to read a couple of pages and test method for backup and reduce size of running raspbian distro. But at least was able to reduce size to ~1GB uncompressed and 354 MB zipped file - Google Drive there is no settings for wifi and root password is PiMusicBox .

Thanks a lot, works great.
This gives RPI0 a solution for one willing to run native without Berrybot.

Haven’t you changed root password in the settings before producing the image?

Yep I change it before start creating img

can anyone help me with redirecting audio from MusicBox to PiFm?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this. What networking did you use for your solution? I have a fairly standard USB wifi dongle and the image is timing out on networking. Is it simply the case that I need to enter my wifi details somewhere? In which case… how do I do that on a headless solution like this? (I did get it working on my Pi B+ with LAN Cable and it worked fine and sounded great!). Thank you!

Brilliant thank you… That was what I needed!

Its all up and working, but the netlag is horrible even on basic searches of just spotify.

Im using a usb wifi dongle on a very fast connection. I’ve got a feeling the zero isn’t up to it either network comms or the processing.

How is everyone else doing? Got any hints and tips?