Disable menu items not in use

I am ruining a Pi 3 B+ with MusicBox RC0.7.
I have no need for the online functions yet as I have 128GB microsd installed with all my local music.
However even after disabling all the online services when I search the default selection is “All Services” that still returns search results from the internet.
My request is to either have a setting to specify the default search selection (What option is shown by default in the search location drop down list) or when you disable a service it should be gone from the drop down list all together.

It would also be nice if it could be removed from all the GUI menu options as well. For example the streams still show even though I do not use that functionality and have disabled it.

Is this something that could be included in a future release or is there a simple way of editing this in the html?

The default selection is “All Services”. However, that drop-down will remember your last selection (via a browser cookie).

Disabling a service won’t change the “All Services” default but it will remove the service from the list and it should not be using it to search (it can’t, it really is disabled). Could you be more specific about what internet results are still being returned even after you have disabled everything?

The Streams page isn’t very well named. It doesn’t really have anything to do with Mopidys stream backend and the functionality can still be used even with purely Local tracks. I appreciate maybe you still don’t want that page to show but that’s not a level of customisation I intend to provide. You can of course edit the HTML/Javascript as you want.