Mopidy on pimusicbox can't revert back to default web interface


I’m trying to revert back to the default webclient interface on PiMusicBox. What I did was first changing the webclient to KueschenRadio, then do not like it and want to change back. So I edited the settings.ini file, restarted the Pi.
But when it’s booted up, the webclient interface is still KueschenRadio. I checked the setting on settings.ini and in http://musicbox.local/settings and they all showed that the interface was changed.
What did I do wrong? How to revert back to default without reflashing the SDcard?

Sometimes your browser caches the other interface. Can you trying doing a forced refresh (normally shift+F5 but look it up for your particular browser) or even deleting your cache.

Yes it works! Thank you! I had to clear cache.

So the problem is because I kept a browser running on my phone while another browser on my PC’s trying to change the setting.