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Current turnkey options for raspberry pi

With Pi MusicBox in need of an active maintainer, and having had no release in over two years, the space is open for a turnkey boot image supporting recent hardware products with recent releases of Mopidy and related software.

Is any similar project actively creating releases that might be used, until someone might resume maintenance of Pi MusicBox.

I was going to suggest these alternatives for Pi Musicbox but none of them use Mopidy:

Squeezelite ?

Max2Play | Audiophile Music and Video Player, Headless Setup Raspberry Pi and Odroid - non-free??

Feel free to add others but if you want to discuss them at length, please do so elsewhere since none of them use Mopidy.

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I have a project with instructions for installing mopidy on a raspberry pi.

This is less convenient than the previous PiMusicBox image, but (hopefully) more robust to hardware changes and more customizable.

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