Control from other control system like Crestron?


Haven’t tried the software yet, but wonder if any body know if there is any
possibilities to control the player from eg. a crestron system. (any API to work with??)
So you can control play, pause, next etc. and alos see song name, label, and list playlists etc??


Yes. you can control Mopidy through the HTTP interface and the MPD interface. Lots of info on here and in the documentation about both of these.

But, if using the HTTP interface then refer to the documentation for Mopidy v0.19 ( rather than the very latest documentation.


Gonna check the manuals then, to see what i can find :slight_smile:

Hi, I wonder if you found a way to control the Pi Musicbox with Crestron.
It would be nice to integrate this solution with Crestron as a cheaper Sonos replacement.

Someone would need to write a little module in Simple+ or C# I guess.