Mopidy stops playing next song if current is removed from playback

Good day. Did not find any info in current topics , so , the situation :
When im changing tracklist with “core.tracklist.remove” (removing current playing song) , the playback will stop after finishes playing current song. After hitting “” the playback resumes with current tracklist (without removed track).
Dont know if this is issue or no , but logicaly playback should continue playing next song in tracklist.
What i want to do is - remove unlikely song , without stopping playback overall.
Is it a way to do so ?

I think Undefined behavior when removing currently playing track from tracklist. · Issue #1590 · mopidy/mopidy · GitHub and Fix/remove current track by fatg3erman · Pull Request #1872 · mopidy/mopidy · GitHub might be the same/similar. I’m not happy how #1872 ended up, but that’s life. Ideally we’d try and recover it if there’s someone out there still willing to drive it.

Thanks for fast answer , yes , its that “feature”.
For myself workaround will be

  • remember current playing song , than remove it after recieved message that track was played.
  • Or , more simplier , remember , and remove that track after 10-20 mins (playlist is large , so in my situation i will not play it again berfore removing)

Sounds sensible. I will see if we can get the bug fixed in the next major release, it’s way too old!