Can I move mopidy.conf?

Specifically I’d like to move it to /boot/mopidy.conf so I set it up for a Raspberry Pi using a Windows machine (which can only see the /boot directory).

Where is this file referenced, so I can move it please? (presumably this will break updates, but I’m ok with that).

AFAIK I cannot create symlinks to the /boot directory as it’s FAT32.

Thanks, Mike

Turns out you can symlink ext4 -> fat32 but not the other way round.

I created a new modipy.conf in /boot and deleted the original in /etc/modipy.

Then: sudo ln -s /boot/modipy.conf /etc/modipy/modipy.conf

Now I can edit the file on the SD card from a windows machine - just don’t use notepad! It needs to be an editor that understands Unix line endings.

Yes, this is exactly what pimusicbox does.

Presumably you used mopidy, not modipy.

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