Can I edit radio names in playlist?

I tried to edit the Radio Station name in the .m3u playlist file, but it doesn’t change. I would like to add Radio station location to the name. i.e.:

#EXTINF:-1,WWOZ - New Orleans

but any webclient is displaying just WWOZ.
It seems to me that the name of a stream track is pulled from the stream itself by the http extension (part of the Mopidy core).

Short answer: technically yes, but the client will usually ignore it.

Most, if not all, clients will do a lookup of each uri found within a playlist in order to fetch the full track information and display a rich user-interface. And as you say, the original playlist entry data isn’t used to do that; this is mainly because Mopidy’s core lookup has no idea it’s there. It just knows it has a stream track and so it should ask the stream backend for metadata. This is often what you want since #EXTINF can only provide very limited metadata anyway.

But to be clear, it is each webclient’s/frontend’s choice to do this lookup. PlaylistsController. get_items (docs) will return Ref objects with the track names as specified in the m3u file. The webclient/frontend will usually then immediately try to turn the Refs into a Tracks via lookup, throwing away the Refs (and your custom name) in the process.

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Interesting, thank you!